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Membership Criteria

Membership in The Board Connection is by invitation and is criteria based. As a member run organization, members must be committed to help build The Board Connection’s network and pipeline of eligible members and to volunteer on one of the standing committees.  Additionally, a member must meet one of the qualifications listed below:
  • Currently serve or have served recently as a “C” level executive for an established, public or private company with annual revenues of at least $250 million; or
  • Serve as a member of the executive management team of a company with revenues at or above $1 billion, within two levels from the CEO of the organization , which may include VP level position, PhD, MD, JD, or Partner depending on the organization type; or
  • A partner or shareholder in a professional service; or
  • Other significant or unique leadership experience that involves strategy determinations such as a role as an elected official or as a community or civic leader; or
  • Current board member for a company with debt or equity traded on a national exchange or private company with annual revenues of at least $250 million.
Members enjoy access to our networking sessions, information on board searches, and assistance with board readiness development programs. We continually seek to align the credentials of our membership with the qualities recruiters most request. 2013 trends show that most successful female board candidates have current roles, or extensive experience in, Fortune 1000 or 500 corporations.

Candidates will be interviewed by telephone, and are contacted by the membership committee with the results. All professional women interested in development programs are welcome to attend our networking and quarterly meetings regardless of the outcome of their applications. Membership dues are $450 annually.

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